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UTM Codes explained

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Multi-channel marketing is great, you may be combining Social Marketing campaigns with paid Google advertising whilst also sending email campaigns and running print ads. The question is…
How do you know what is really working for you?

Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

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The simple answer to the question of whether to spend on Google Ads or Facebook ads is simple. Spend on both, just make sure you spend it wisely.

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How to block spam referral traffic in Google Analytics

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I was looking at my Google Analytics the other day and I spotted referral traffic from and it goes without saying this had a 100% bounce rate. So, what can you do about this fake traffic which distorts your analytics data? Well the good news is you can block it. OK let’s take a step back… spam referral traffic? how do I find out if I have any? You… Read More »How to block spam referral traffic in Google Analytics