Marketing for Start-ups

If your looking to start a new business there are so many things to think about and get done, not least your small business marketing plan. Petite digital are here to help with marketing for start-ups.

At Petite Digital we are here to help with that journey, whether it is a marketing consultation, creation of a marketing plan or implementation we are here for every step. 

If you have already started building your business presence you may just need some support to ensure that what you have done to date is fully optimised, our digital reviews can offer you feedback and advice on how to build on these foundations.

We help businesses with their digital presence across web, search engines and social media. We can build, manage and promote your small business to your target audience through paid advertising on social media and search engines.

If your a local bricks and mortar or service business we can help to increase your visibility on Google maps.

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Marketing for Start-ups

  • New business advice & support
  • Marketing consultation
  • Digital reviews
  • Domain registration
  • Web development
  • Local business on Search engines (Google, Bing)
  • Social Media Pages, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn)
  • Graphics, logo, social media covers
  • Social Media advertising
  • Google advertising
  • Print advertising

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Importing GA4 Analytics conversions into Google Ads

If you are running Google Ads, you will be focusing on those important conversions. Conversions are triggers on your website which represent a value to your business, this could be viewing your product gallery, navigating to your contact page, or submitting a lead for.
Whatever your goals are for your campaigns you will need to import your new GA4 analytics conversions into your Google Ads campaigns.

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Creating Goals in GA4 Analytics

If you don’t already have goals in your UA Analytics when you migrate to the new GA4 analytics you will need to set some up. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating Goals (now called events) in GA4 Google Analytics.

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Setting up GA4 Google Analytics

If you are using Universal Analytics you will have received an email from Google informing them that they are ending UA Analytics on 1st July 2023 and telling you now is the time to set up GA4 Analytics. Confused about how to set up GA4 Analytics? read on…

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What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique word (or sequence of words) that identifies the online address of your website. A domain name is registered with a domain name provider (who you buy the domain from)

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