Should I advertise on Social Media or Google?

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Small Business Advertising

One of the questions I get asked a lot is should I advertise on social media or Google?  In making this decision your really need to think about what kind of audience you have.

Social media adverts

These can work well for brands who have audiences which might be showing an interest in similar products or services. For example, if you are a haircare brand engaging product video showing your product to people who are already engaging with similar brands on social media can be a very effective way to advertise. 

For example: I currently work with a tribute artist and promoting his events via video to local audiences who have already shown an interest in the artist he is impersonating; this has proven to be very effective at selling tickets.

Social media advertising can also be an effective way of growing your audience (likes and followers), but do bear in mind, depending on what you are offering they may be following you for hints and tips rather that having the intent to purchase.

Intent audiences

This brings me on to the key audience and the one that will bring you the fastest money. Those with the intent to purchase!  This is truly where P.P.C (pay per click) advertising comes in. 

If you have a burst main at home and water coming through your living room ceiling, you are unlikely to go onto Facebook and scroll looking for an emergency plumber. 

You will of course head straight to Google (other search engines are available) and search ‘Emergency Plumber Near Me’. These targeted local, audience focused keyword dense adverts, are a great way of finding intent audiences in your service area.

Google Maps

Also do remember to utilise the free listing on Google via your Google Business Listing.  I have written a number of articles on how best to utilise this platform including

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So, in summary, we really need to look at your target audience and determine which platform they are likely to be using to find your goods and services. 

Of course, It could be that a combination of the two platforms will work best by both raising awareness of your small business whilst generating leads.