Are you receiving unwanted referral traffic?

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You may go into your google analytics and notice the occasional spike in traffic, this isn’t always something to be celebrated as it could be bots creating unwanted referral traffic.

overview of google analytics in real time view

Within GA4 Analytics the data that you are referring to is ”referral data”. This is the source of your unwanted referral traffic

In this case if you look to the bottom left of the image above your will see this traffic is coming from

What can you do to remove this unwanted referral traffic?

Within the GA4 dashboard you can build a set of conditions that identify the websites whose traffic you don’t want to recognize as referrals in order to exclude the referrals and ensure that your data only includes referrals in which you’re interested.

In Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you may stop referral data from being included in your reports by adding domains to your “Unwanted Referrals” list.

Here’s how to add domains to your “Unwanted Referrals” list:

In Admin, under Data Collection and Modification, click Data streams.

Click Web and then click a web data stream.

In the web stream details, click Configure tag settings (at the bottom).

In the Settings section, click Show all to see all available settings.

unwanted referral traffic blocking

Click List unwanted referrals.

Add the domain URL you wish to block

Click Save.

You have now blocked the unwanted referral traffic from your GA4 Analytics data.