A/B testing in Facebook adverts

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Identical creatives, A/B testing on Facebook adverts. Could it benefit your small business?

Ok, so your first question is going to be what is split testing?

Split testing also known as A/B Testing enables you to split your audience is divided into unique groups and run the same advert at those groups to establish which is more effective.

Members of your audience are randomly divided into non-overlapping groups, and see ad sets with identical creative. Each ad set has 1 distinct difference, also called a variable. Your test variable can either be different audience types, or different ad delivery optimization methods. You can also choose to split budget and reach evenly across ad sets, or weight one heavier than the others.

Performance of the Facebook Ad is measured and compared as the ad sets run, The success of each ad set, measured by your campaign objective, is recorded and compared. The best performing ad set wins!

After the test is complete, you’ll get a notification email containing the results. Use these insights to fuel your ad strategy, design your next campaign and test new variables.

You will be asked to select what variable you wish to test. These are

I wanted to see how targeting interior designers and those interested in interior design would affect my results. So, audience A was based solely on field of study and job title demogroups whereas, audience 2 was based on those interested in interior design and home d├ęcor, readers of interiors magazines etc.

To keep the A/B testing clear, I only selected women and English as my language in both audiences.

For more information from Facebook about A/B Testing click here

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