7 simple tips for creating Facebook Ads

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Facebook Ads are the second largest paid advertising platform after Google. As a small business you need to make sure that your Facebook Ads are set up well and offer a good return on investment.

Here are 7 simple tips to help you do just that

  1. Be precise with your targeting. Narrow it down as much as possible to increase its effectiveness. If you are running campaigns for home improvement services, then select demographics based on home ownership status and interests.

2. Use awesome images. Don’t underestimate the power of images. The size should be at least 600×314, while 1200×628 makes ads even more appealing.

3. Use ad scheduling. Post the ads in the best possible time, don’t waste your money in the wrong time. Use your insights and Google Analytics to determine when your ads will be most effective. Also, if you’re running call-only mobile ads, make sure you use them when you’re open.

4. Set a goal. Don’t start posting ads before you have a clear goal in mind. Set a measurable number, a date or other MEASURABLE goal for you ad campaign

5. A/B test every advert. Keep experimenting with ad types and images until you find the best ones for your goals. Read more about A/B testing in my blog here

6. Get creative. Be creative, come up with new ways to promote your business.

7. Image should include less than 20% text. Even if Facebook allows you to add more text, you don’t have to use the space, as the further you get from 20%, the less the reach.

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