5 Simple Content Marketing Ideas

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Small business marketers who use content marketing can reduce the cost of leads, increase your brand awareness and position you as a leader in your business field.

Marketers have been forced to think differently about how they engage with potential customers, particularly small business marketers like myself.

Small Business Content Marketing ideas to try today

Blogs – Blogging, in addition to being the best way to increase your website’s visibility with search engines, blogs can enables your business to engage in a conversation with customers, end users and influencers. Blogs are a great way of sharing product updates, business news and valuable advice. A number one for content marketing.

E newsletter – Permission-based email that is rich with useful, educational and valuable content is a great way to stay in touch with customers and nurture potential customers. You can share news, offers and seasonal greetings all which reinforce your brand message.

Case Study’s – These can be one of the most persuasive tactics and involve demonstrating how your product or service has solved a problem for a client. This can be presented as an album on Facebook or written about under projects on your website.

 Testimonials – When a recommendation comes from a customer, it increases faith in your business and encourages bookings or sales. Reviews particularly on Google are great for your business. Make sure that you reply to each and every one (even the bad ones)

Video – Videos are inexpensive to produce and easy to upload and share. A great way of showing your work in action.

That’s 5 simple content marketing ideas to try out with no cost to your business.

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