Marketing for Trades in Berkshire

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Tradesman at work

I work with many trades throughout Berkshire and the South East.  Marketing For Trades is a fundamental part of generating new enquiries and gaining new customer, but when you are up a ladder all day or under somebody’s kitchen sink it may be the last thing on your mind and the vary last thing you want to do when you get home!  This is where Petite Digital can help with targeted Marketing for Trades.

So, what should a tradesman or tradeswoman be doing to promote their local small business? 

Here is a guide to Marketing for Trades.

1. Get a Website.

65% of searches on Google have ‘local intent’ this means that people are searching for somebody local who offers the product or service they are looking for.  Even if you do not have a physical location and you offer your services in peoples homes a website provides a valuable confidence check that you are a legitimate business and not going to run off with the family piggy bank.

2. Google Business & Maps

Google Maps listing for small business marketing

Once you have a website it is important to tell Google all about your business.  A Google Business Listing enables you to give Google all the information about where your business is and what products and services you offer to your clients.  Complete your listing fully for optimum results. For full information on why a good Google Maps ranking is important click here

3. Ask For Reviews

Reviews are like gold dust to a small local business and are a crucial tool in Marketing for Trades.  Do not be afraid to ask your happy clients to leave you a review.  Reviews on Google build trust with both Google and possible new clients so reviews on Google best, however, reviews on social media such as your Facebook business page will also build trust. 

Top Tip… Make it easy for your customers to leave you a review by sending them a short link to the correct place to leave a review or even as I have done for several my trades businesses by offering a QR code which links to the review page.

QR code for reviews on Google. Small Business Marketing

4. Use Social Media to Market Your Trade Business

If you are a trade with a customer base who are either likely to use your services more than once such as a decorator or mechanic or your customers are likely to recommend you to their friends and colleagues, then social media is a valuable way or keeping in touch with them.  You can also target advertisements to local people who are already showing an interest in services such as yours elsewhere on the web.

5. Google Ads for Trades

If your business is likely to be found mostly by people searching Google, then you may also want to consider supporting your website with paid ads across Google and Googles search partners.  Google Ads are a pay per click bidding auction based upon keywords and search terms such as ‘kitchen fitter near me’.

SEO Search Marketing

6. Email Marketing for Trades

Just like social media permission-based email marketing enables you to keep in touch with your past clients or people who have shown an interest in your business services. Keeping them up to date with latest projects, new products, or services or even to send seasons greetings.  If you are not keeping in touch with your customers who is?

If all this sounds like too much to be doing when you are already busy, or it simply sounds too complicated take a look at my Marketing Packages page where you can find details of fixed monthly packages.

If you would prefer a bespoke package, then get in touch today