Updating your business for Christmas on Google My Business (and Bing)

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Why update Google My Business? If you have a physical small business such as a shop, there is nothing you want less than a customer arriving to find that your doors are closed. If you are a service business you may prefer not to be disturbed during the Christmas break. One of the simplest ways to let people know your business is closed for Christmas is to update your listings in Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. Your listing displays whether you are open or closed and what time you shut that day so it is important that the information you provide is accurate.

So, you have told your followers on social media that you are closed and perhaps even sent out an email to your list but here is how you notify new customers who are looking for businesses such as yours over the Christmas break.

Updating your Google My Business Listing dates and times

Step 1) Log into your Google My Business platform here https://www.google.com/intl/en_gb/business/

Step 2) Under hours you will see ‘special hours’ Google has already prefilled some key dates for you such as Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  If you are open or closed you can edit the information here.

If you are closed for dates not automatically provided you can use the add new date button (as highlighted above) this will enable you to add your own custom dates to your Google My Business Listing.

When you are finished remember to press ‘Apply’

Next Bing….Who?

Yes we know that most people use Google personally but spare a thought for those people using technology controlled by their employers. Many large organisations do not allow individual staff to customise their desktops with their preferred browser so it is worth taking the extra 5 minutes to update your Bing Places for Business listing also.

Log into your Bing Places for Business Listing here https://www.bingplaces.com and select update listing

Under the hours section you will see the option to provide working hours for special days.  Much the same as Google My Business, Bing Places for Business has pre filled certain key dates for you.  If you are taking an extended break then when completing the pre filled dates select the ‘Add another day’ button to add your own dates.

When you have finished remember to select ‘submit’

Your business is all updates for the holidays. Now you can relax and enjoy a well-earned rest.

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