Guest Blog – What is this SEO, of which you speak?

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SEO Copywriting

If you have a website and hope to rank anywhere on page one of Google then SEO is something that really needs to be at the forefront of your mind. But whereas many people have heard of SEO, not everyone really understands what it is other than having the ‘right keywords’ in any online content.

SEO: the basics

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a means of ensuring your website and web content rank higher on search engines. But it is more than just keywords and also includes:

  • Content –written copy (blogs, webpages), videos, podcasts, infographics and social media posts. 
  • Off-page – all the stuff in the background, like links from other websites to yours. 
  • Local – linking to a particular area, which can include location specific pages, MyBusiness and Google Maps.
  • Search Engine Marketing – choosing the right paid adverts. 

Why SEO is important?

Your website is essentially an attractive storefront for your business, but if no one knows where this storefront is they won’t be bringing clients your way.

Search engine optimisation is one of the things that can bring people to your storefront, by placing your website on page one of Google. Let’s be honest, who looks at page two or ten?

The other, easier way to get onto page one is to pay – and the first few entries in the search results are inevitably paid for.

SEO Search Marketing

SEO content

To improve SEO rating and get one step closer to page one, you do need to have specific keywords in your web content and blogs.

Keywords are essentially the search terms people use when searching Google. And as you can imagine they are not always in sentence form, grammatical order or even spelt correctly. This is where, as a copywriter, writing SEO copy can be problematic as there is a massive difference between writing SEO copy and writing with SEO in mind.

  • SEO copy starts with a list of keywords and content is created around the list with the aim to include them all, no matter how bizarre the phrasing.
  • Writing with SEO in mind is writing about a specific topic with the focus on the content and informational value and when finished adding SEO keywords which can be fitted in organically by rephrasing something or replacing words. 

As a copywriter, I much prefer writing with search in mind as ensuring the content flows, is easy to read and is valuable is far more important for me than including 50 keywords – especially if the content doesn’t make sense.

End goal

When choosing whether to hire an SEO specialist or an experienced copywriter you have to decide what your end goal is.

A copywriter will want to write engaging copy, which makes sense, adds value and fits in with your brand. A specialist will be more about the numbers – ensuring that SEO rankings are high, and website analytics show growth.

Each approach has value, and each can bring clients to your website, but as a writer the content is the most important thing for me. I believe if you get the content right then people will find your website, recommend your website and return to your website. SEO is the extra bonus to ensure Google gives you a little leg up in the right direction. 

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