Should you like or follow a Facebook business page

  • Hazel 

OK let’s get some important terminology sorted first

Profile – This is a person on Facebook

Page – This is a Business or Brand on Facebook. Interestingly you can not set up a Page without a Profile first but in relation to this question that is by the by.

Ok you have 2 buttons when arriving at a Page like or follow. We all know like, that is where you like a Page and it is seen on your profile that you like that page you also get to see all their posts.

Facebook users also have the option to follow a page without hitting the like button. These followers will still see your posts in their news feed, but they won’t be considered a ‘like on your page. This option was set up for people who didn’t want to openly ‘like a business on Facebook but still wanted to see their posts. (potentially their competitors let’s be honest) but also perhaps pages related to sensitive topics.

Ok that bit is clear, but did you know about See First Following

This is when a profile has visited a page, clicks on the Following button and selects and changes their Follow status to See First. In doing so, this will prioritize the pages posts above the posts of other Pages and Profiles they also like or follow.

Selecting See First overrides the existing algorithm and makes sure that a profile sees a Page’s posts. This is the most valuable type of like for a Page to have as they have committed to seeing your content.

Whichever way you choose to interact with a business page you are helping that small business.

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