How to utilise your Business Facebook Page to support Round Up For Reading

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Here is a quick and simple guide on how to use your Facebook Business Page to Promote your business and raise awareness of the round up for reading campaign.

Step 1) Make sure you see the posts

The Loins Club of Reading will tag your business in their posts. To make sure that you do not miss these posts make sure that you both Like and Follow the page and keep an eye on your notifications.

To ensure you do not miss any of their posts the simplest route is to follow first this means you will see every post they put out!

StFollow first so you don’t miss any of the action

Step 2) Make sure you have enabled tagging of your business page.

Go to the business page, click Settings and ensure tagging of your page is enabled

Step 3) Look out for your tag and share to your page

When you see a notification to say that your business has been tagged simply go to the post by clicking on the notification.

Of course, if you are following first *(see above) you will also see the post in your feed!

To share the post to your business page

Step 1) Select the icon on the far right and select your business profile (rather than your default personal one) of course feel free to share it to your personal feed as well.

Make sure you select your correct profile

Step 2) Share to your business Facebook page. Once you have selected your business profile click the Share button and select share to a page

Share to your business page

You can now add your own comments and tag other businesses*

Thank you and happy sharing.


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*To tag another business go to their Facebook business page and note their username under their logo e.g.: @PetiteDigital  simply write your text and include @PetiteDigital you will see the pages logo and the tag will turn blue when Facebook recognises the page you have tagged.